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Key consulting services and projects

Leadership and human resources management

The realignment of different fields or the entire company only works properly, if the managerial staff and the employees implement systems, processes and communication in a reasonable way. Everyone must and must be willing to adhere to the overall strategic conditions in order to reach the self-imposed qualitative and quantitative targets. We also support our clients in personnel recruitment. External personnel recruitment often involves enormous financial efforts and can be very time-consuming as well. We have developed efficient processes of high quality and accuracy. In addition, manage¬ment and potential audits make selection processes markedly safer.
  • Integrative alignment / introduction of management tools (BSC, target agreements, appraisal interviews, remunerations for managerial staff and employees)
  • Establishment of several personnel planning processes with different priorities (investment controlling, cost and job planning)
  • Connection of KPI with the target agreement system in a subsidiary abroad of an international company group
  • Potential development and skill audits for a networking company and municipal energy suppliers
  • 360° Feedback as a tool for management development in municipal energy suppliers
  • Concept and implementation of an employee survey with subsequent action-oriented workshops
  • Concept of a performance-oriented remuneration system for the pay agreement of a municipal energy supplier
  • Recruiting for several municipal energy suppliers
  • Management audits, potential audits
  • Management coaching 1st and 2nd levels

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